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Posted by on August 11, 2013

Whiteboard Animation Animated Whiteboard Videos Speed Draw Videos

Low Cost Whiteboard Animation Videos at Budget Prices

We create Stunning Whiteboard Animation Videos for Online Marketing as well as Low Cost TV Commercials. We create Whiteboard Speed Drawing Videos for small businesses or larger organizations. Among our clients are Online and Offline clients like Network Marketing Companies and their representatives, Affiliate Program Owners, Online Marketers, Offline Businesses like large Automobile Dealerships….Absolutely Any Business can increase their sales with our “Hand Drawn” Animated Whiteboard Videos.

Capture, Hypnotize, and Sell! That’s what all Great Advertising Should Deliver! (and at a price Everyone Can Afford.) While most of our clients use them to build a more prolific web presence, some of our Animated Whiteboard Advertising Videos are so prolific, they are being aired on regional, cable networks for Automotive TV Commercials!

Static web sites, and/or long, boring videos just don’t work as effectively as a Fast Paced, Exceptional Animated Whiteboard Animations Video(s) That’s what we provide! If you are on a tight budget but still want the Very Best Advertising Media in the World, you are looking at it, you can see what we mean right here

Featured Whiteboard Animation Video (Low Cost Television Commercial Production)
A “Must See” 30 Second TV Commercial produced for a Pennsylvania Car Dealership (currently airing on Comcast Cable TV & WTAJ TV) Our High Quality ready to air HD TV Commercials are available starting at only $299! (A Fraction of what TV Commercial Production companies charge you! Advertise your Business on TV…without the high costs or long term contracts!)


We Create World-Class Hand Drawn Videos (sometimes referred to as “Speed Draw” Videos) which will engage your audience, and keep them glued to the screen. Why? They want to see what the end result of a “Hand Drawn Video” will bring. That’s one of the primary reasons what sets Animated Whiteboard Videos apart from any other form of advertising. That’s what we mean when we say “Capture, Hypnotize, and Sell!” Creating more interest and adding more money to your bottom line is our #1 Goal!

Featured Whiteboard Animation Video

Watch this “STOP SMOKING” featuring the Power of EFT using Professional Voice-Over & “Customized Hand Drawn Graphics” by Bea !

 Featured Whiteboard Animation Video embedded in a High Converting Video Splash Page designed to capture leads for a Network Marketing Business

We create high converting Video Splash Pages for any business. You need leads? We will build you a Splash Page with a “hypnotizing” Whiteboard Animation Video custom tailored to your individual business needs. Click on the image below to see an example of our Video Splash Pages which is currently being advertised online to generate leads for a program called “Guaranteed50Kin30Days”. Please contact us to discuss your individual needs. We promise you, we can create a Splash Page/Campaign for you to catapult your sales into orbit!

Whiteboard Animation Video Lead Capture Page for Network Marketing Company

What sets “Fun Biz Videos” apart from the others companies selling “Hand-Drawn Storyboard Videos?

Well, almost everything, glad you asked……………….  1. We advertise our fees, we don’t ask you to fill out a form, requesting that we send you a quote (like everyone else.) (What are they hiding? Sounds like high prices, and/or a high pressure sales pitch will follow doesn’t it?) That should tell you something (make that a “Whopping Big Something!”) 2. We believe in personal phone communication. Listening is one of our greatest features/skills. We want to grasp the complete concept of what you want, and/or are looking for, and that sets the stage for a happy beginning, progression, and all the way to the finalization of your masterpiece. Email is great for transferring images, text files, etc, but personal conversation is what allows us to maintain 100% Customer Elation! (We don’t want you to be just “satisfied,” we insist that you be “beside yourself excited” about your Hand Drawn Animated Whiteboard Advertising Video. Our process is simple, saves you time, and money. Simply place your order, select a voice artist, provide your text/graphics, your phone number, and we will call you. Don’t have copyrighted graphics or don’t have time to write your own ad-copy. No worries, we can fulfill all of your needs/desires. 3. By design, we are a small company (and will keep it that way) so that we can provide Personalized one-on-one Premier Service to our clients, most of whom become repeat customers.
The Possibilities of what we can do to increase your “Bottom-Line” are Endless! If you can imagine it, chances are, we can create it. Let us create a remarkable, one-of-a-kind, Business presentation for your web site, splash pages, TV Commercials, and anything, and everything in between.

Featured Whiteboard Animation Video

A Must See BOMBSHELL Whiteboard Animation Video featuring a Tesstosterone Product using Professional Voice-Over & “Customized Hand Drawn Graphics” by Bea !

Smashing, Successful Advertising Evolves around uniqueness. Your audience will pay serious attention to your Animated Whiteboard Video, and they will tell others about it, “Did you see that really cool video where it writes out the message and draws the pictures?” Check out our Video Portfolio to get some ideas, and imagine what we can create for you. You can choose from our Music library, selection of Professional Voice-over artists, or a combination of almost anything you want.

Get out there, Get Noticed, Increase Sales, Make More Money! By the way, we have never failed in reaching an agreement with a customer on price. We work hard to earn and keep your business and that of our loyal, existing customers. Come join in. To get started today, place your order at http://FunBizVideos.com or call 843-284-3362. Please leave a message and we will call you back as soon as we are free from our recording/production studio, (usually within an hour.)


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